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About Us

Based in Dallas, TX, Love Climate is a contemporary Online Boutique Store that has lovingly built on a passion for unique fashion. Founded in 2014, Love Climate has been fast growing and has become a popular e-retailer among this young generation throughout the country. We strive to provide our customers with top quality products at very competitive prices.  In the meanwhile, we want to create a loving shopping experience where your, our customers', genuine feedback are being appreciated!


Fashion Truth-- WE LOVE TO SEE YOUR PHOTOS! Love Climate constantly collects photos  from our customers. If you are a happy "love climate girl", send us a picture to us! We'd love to see your face on the website. 


Dallas Local Event -- Unlike other online stores, Love Climate has been trying to add as much as fun to your shopping experiences. We periodically have "offline sample sales" at our local show room, where our customers can come and experience our newest styles. Through this event, we are not only building a strong relationship with the girls, but we are also listening carefully to their feedback. 




We'd love to hear your voice! So please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or comments. Our stuff team would love to help you out.